About the Abodos Group

The Abodos Group are a digital technologies company based in the Glasgow, Scotland, serving the whole world with our unique bespoke services and products. We are proud of our heritage and so we’ve showcased some of the famous sites in Scotland across our website. We have many solutions available for personal and business alike. Some of our services are #GraphicDesign, #WebDesign, #WebDevelopment, #PhoneAppDevelopment, #SoftwareDevelopment, #WebAppDevelopment, #DigitalMarketing, #ContentWriting, #Hosting and #WebManagement.

We love what we do and we do what we love, everyone in our team is enthusiastic about the internet and everything that can be achieved from it.

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Countries we've serviced

We’ve only been international since January 2019, however, our reach continues to grow. Working to our clients local time zone and our own – it doubles the work being done allowing us to bring deadlines down.

Payment terms suited to you

We understand that everyone’s budget is different, that’s why we offer three different types of ways to pay for a project.

Hourly Rate

We can work to a fixed hourly rate, our currently hourly rate is £35 ($35, €40), an estimated time will be given based on the job brief provided and all hours worked are marked on a time sheet accessible by you.

Fixed Price

We can work to fixed price for the whole project given in the brief provided, this is particularly popular for those wishing to have a website built and have many pages/amendments to be made.

Monthly Retainer

This is a popular choice for those with big projects or looking to combo services for a discounted all in one service, a fixed price is given however the cost is split over X amount of months based on the time we’ve calculated from the brief provided. This is popular for those doing mobile/web applications and software development projects.

We accept payments in Pounds Sterling, American Dollars or the Euro. For other currencies please ask us beforehand.

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